"For many clients, finding me is the result of years of work. They come to me with a great desire to heal. Conventional methods can take an individual only so far, after that it is time for them to dive deeper into themselves. I strive to empower individuals. I can only speak from my experience of undergoing great healing - both physically and emotionally - a process that created a keen level of discernment for me to choose the most effective tools that have worked for me, and these are what I pass along. Once beginning, these very effective tools demonstrate the process of bodily and mental awareness.

Three pillars of a good training system: Strength, Healing and Technical Endeavor. My mission includes empowering people to heal themselves - with the simple tools that I have learned. I have seen reverses in ongoing chronic pain due to - debilitating joint pain, indigestion, poor libido, blood clots, kyphosis/lordosis poor posture. Not to mention the healing of my own autoimmune disorder that is now in remission - psoriasis.

All the physical symptoms contribute to mental fog. In otherwords, physical pain is most often accompanied by a certain degree of emotional entanglement. Just as the tiny fascial fibers become knotted in a tight shoulder, so too, our identities can be bound up - and I have seen both heal in tandem. What a relief to begin training back to a state of neutrality. The solution starts very simple, with fascial release.

Most people deal with a set of compromising issues, and addressing one imbalance correctly, creates a positive ripple effect in the entire biomechanic structure of the individual. So, why am I successful where other people are not? The failure in other types of training and treatment is their inability to properly address the root of structural movement dysfunction."

Certified Functional Patterns - Human Foundations 
Certified Personal Trainer, National Acedemny of Sports Medicine
Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance
Certified Barefoot Training Specilaist, Evidence Based Fitness Academy                                            

MA, Johns Hopkins University

Stephanie consistently aligns herself with the most intelligent technology to heal the body. As the only Human Foundations Level I Instructor certified by Functional Patterns, in New York City, and a practitioner of the Wim Hof breathing technique, she first heals and then prepares her network to tackle their most grueling challenges. Coupled with her experience of releasing trauma in the body, her expertise enables Stephanie to remedy an extensive range of deficient movement patterns. She is a leader in the field of movement, co-creating the possibility for all people to move with structural integrity and ease

congressionalrecognition.jpgIn 2015, Stephanie received a Special Congressional Recognition for her meditation work.